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…a note…         

I am not sure this is the appropriate place to mention and/or share the celebration of 20 years of hard work in Basel. But here it is…

After having moved here from my last teaching post in Chicago during the summer of 2000 and opening a small architecture studio on ´St. Johanns-Vorstadt 62´, the excitement was huge. We (Lorenz Wyss and I) imagined the possibilities would be endless, that the future would allow us immense creativity and bring us a wide-range of work as well as relationships that would last a life time.

In retrospect, the last two decades were all that we dreamed of. This year we celebrate exactly this; fantastic creative work, intense collaborations, great times, amazing people, of course some minor disappointments, but most importantly this time exposed us to friendships and built work that will continue to accompany us into the future .

Throughout the years we have engaged in wonderful projects from both the public and the private sector. As well our clients have varied and been equally brilliant and inspiring! I must say that we have been very fortunate to have experienced only constructive, multi-cultural exchanges that have lead to successful outcomes. THANK YOU!

It was our intention to celebrate this year with everybody and share a retrospective of the last two decades. However, the current situation has not allowed us to do so. Therefore we shall postpone this celebration to an unknown time in the future and in the meantime we would like to acknowledge in a few words, a few meaningful people that have been so significant to us.

We would like to thank our very first clients and since friends, Susi and Jörg Eggenberger for having trusted us and hired us while we were still in Chicago. Alexander Seiler, with whom we spent endless hours brain storming and with whom we have closely collaborated to re-imagine architectural experience. We are sincerely grateful to Jean Daniel Keller, who has had continued trust in us, our abilities and our work.  Thank you Tanja Grandits, for an amazing relationship and for being such an inspiration, our multi-disciplinary conversations will stay with me forever. And to our great friend Werner Nepple we thank for being so supportive, always believing in our work and sharing words of encouragement and guidance. 

Of course, we want to express our deepest appreciation to our team. Some have gone back home, nevertheless they spent over a decade with us as we learned, designed and grew up together. Anka Spakowska and Joe Collins we still miss you!

Natasha and Pedro, you are both invaluable! To Olga, thank you for helping me learn (high) German among many other construction and site management details and for being such a strong anchor on our team.  To our very first employee and friend, Andrew - thank you! You’ve been with us through it all and with your amazing sense of humor and honed architecture skills we still enjoy working with you every day.

We will continue to enjoy the making of architecture and soon one day we will be able to celebrate with all those who have been with us these last twenty years.



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